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"Pioneer" KNIGHT Rudder
Full Spade Rudder with Offset-twisted leading edge

The „Pioneer“, the KNIGHT-Rudder is a pathfinder for a better co-operation between propeller and rudder. Through incoming flow to the offset twisted leading edge it generates additionally propulsion components and reduce the loss of power of the propeller. Further it reduce the cavitation problems of propulsion.
MM-Offshore recommend the KNIGHT-Rudder for the following vessel types:
  • Medium speed vessels
  • High speed vessels
  • Large container vessels
  • Special vessels like cruise liner and other ferries
  • In general this type of rudder fits to a wide range of vessels

Key facts:
  • Offset twisted leading edge for reducing the resistance of whole hull
  • Optimized "teamwork" between propeller and rudder
  • Noise reductions in the aft end section of vessel
  • Outstanding maneuvering and course keeping properties
  • Cavitation inhibiting properties
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