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"Topmodel" EMPRESS Rudder
Full Spade Rudder with Full-twist leading edge

The „Topmodel“, because of its full-twist leading edge the EMPRESS-Rudder provide an optimum performance and efficiency. The wake-field based design of the rudder enable the highest level of power and fuel savings. The result of this optimized co-operation is the achievement of requested power savings. A further reduction of cavitation is possible with the EMPRESS-Rudder, which is positive for the durability and sustainability of the rudder and the whole vessel.

MM-Offshore recommend the EMPRESS-Rudder for 
the following vessel types:
  • Medium & high speed vessels
  • Large container vessels
  • Naval / Military vessels
  • Special vessels like cruise liner and other ferries
  • In general this type of rudder fits to a wide range of vessels

Key facts:
  • Full-twist leading edge for reducing the resistance of whole hull
  • Outstanding „performance partnership“ between propeller and rudder, caused by the wake-field based optimization
  • Noise reductions in the aft end section of vessel
  • Outstanding maneuvering and course keeping properties
  • Cavitation reduced to a minimum
  • Power & Fuel savings on highest level
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